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Services & Consulting

Commercial Delegations (Missions)

Regularly organize commercial delegations to and from Curaçao-Spain to put you in direct and effective contact with the right partners and customers. We are also pioneers in the field of digital matchmaking.

Matchmaking and individual visits

The identification and selection of business partners, the importer, distributor, supplier, hospitality and tourism, buyers, clients, inputs to end customers such as retail chains, investment partners or other suitable contacts.

Business development advice and support

We design the right strategy to present an organization to the market. When the value proposition is clear, we successfully present it to decision-makers, influencers and potential partners.

On-site representation

Commercially trained experts can also represent your company on the market and even in the region. For this purpose, we have developed a unique formula of (Representative/) "Sales representative for a day", which allows one of our professionals to fully commit to your sales and expansion objectives for 1 day a week. In this way, you are assured of a "commercial support point" with limited costs and without the need to create a company in Curaçao/Spain.

Market research and sector studies

A team with extensive experience in conducting market research and sector studies. Based on your specific wishes and product-market mix, we prepare a tailor-made report in which we draw a complete map of the market or sector and provide you with essential recommendations for market entry and marketing.

Participation in Trade Shows

Each year, members participate in a large number of trade shows/exhibitions. Often through so-called galleries (pavilions) at a reduced price. Individual exhibitors are also supported in all preparations to make trade show participation a success.

We promote great businesses

between Spain and Curaçao

Other services

Legal, tax and accounting through our members

We offer a wide range of legal services. The usual support refers to the establishment of local legal forms, obtaining permits, accounting advice and optimization of the tax structure as well as everything related to migration and investment issues between both countries.


One of the most important success factors is the quality of the responsible manager(s). We can coordinate the recruitment and selection process for almost all managerial and middle management positions.

Networking events and seminars

Several events will be organized on a regular basis between Curaçao and Spain. Prospects are increasingly interested and choose to entrust our specialists with the complete organization of their seminars, conferences and webinars, trade fairs and exhibitions.


Especially in the initial phase, we will serve as a base or "lighthouse" in the contact phase for many entrepreneurs and among our affiliates we help them to select a location that will serve as: •business mailing address • local telephone number •and/or statutory registered office •as well as local representation if required.

Interpretation and translation services

A database of renowned interpreters and translators is at your disposal. Whether you want to translate an agreement (urgently) or have an interpreter to assist you during negotiations or an online meeting, we can provide you with one.

Apply for a visa

We can offer you an executive visa service through our members. If you are going to be stationed or working in Curaçao-Spain for an extended period, we can advise you on the type of visa you should apply for. We can also guide the application from start to finish.

Relocation services

Our members can guide you through the entire process: from international relocation, immigration and emigration services, to help you find suitable housing and the right international school.

Other services

Do you want to hire (local) staff, but it is too early to open a physical office in Curaçao-Spain? Do you have a customer in Curaçao-Spain who asks for local invoicing? Here we can also offer you a solution. Are you looking for other services? We may not be able to answer your question ourselves, but in that case we will surround ourselves with the right experts and refer you.
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