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Robert R. Frans

Robert R. Frans

Board member

Frans & Associates, Counselors at Law

Iraida Balentien-Libier

Iraida Balentien-Libier

Board member

IFB Consulting

Diego Mayoral

Diego Mayoral

Board Director España

Mayoral & Castillo Abogados

Fausto Balentien

Fausto Balentien

Board Director Curaçao

G-Trust Curaçao

Our Board of Directors

We promote great businesses
between Spain and Curaçao

Professional services designed for business promotion

Events of interest for businessmen and professionals

Relevant and interesting financial and business information

About Us

Our mission is to promote contact and trade from a private perspective between entrepreneurs of both nations and serve as a platform to connect entrepreneurs from different industries and economic activities, stimulating commercial exchange.

Our Services


Join the Spain - Curaçao Business Development Agency and obtain exclusive benefits to support and promote your international businesses.

Consultancy & Advisory

Consult with our advisors and experts everything you need to know to facilitate, promote and strengthen your international businesses.


Participate in events of commercial interest, such as business conferences, trade fairs, seminars, conferences, workshops and commercial visits.

Strategic Partners

Ministry of Economic Development of Curaçao

Our Affiliates

Helen Baroud

Helen Baroud

Expertise Areas

Business Development, Corporate Services, Financial Regulations, Investment

Consultants & Advisors

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